What does HEICtoJPEG.com do?

HEICtoJPEG allows you to upload your HEIC photos and convert them to JPEG without harming the quality of the photo.

What is HEIC?

HEIC is the file extension for HEIF format.

How do I convert my iPhone Heic files to JPEGs?

Simply drag and drop, or select, the HEIC photos you would like converted into the optimization box for the conversion process to begin.

Why is the file size of the JPEG so small?

Once your HEIC image has been converted to JPEG, it is automatically optimized using JPEGmini. This way you are receiving the same hi-res photo, just in a smaller file size.

What is High Efficiency Image Format?

High Efficiency Image Format, or HEIF, is the file format for HEVC encoded images. HEIF can store various types of images, but the main application of HEIF is to store images that have been compressed using the image tools of the HEVC video compression standard. When you export your photos from iOS 11 you will notice the .heic file extension.

Do we keep the photos online?

No, we don't. You will need to download all the photos during each session. All converted photos will be deleted every 30 minutes.

Can I download all photos with one click?

We are currently working on this solution and hope to offer it soon.

Do you also optimize JPEG images?

Yes, each photo that is converted to a JPEG will be optimized by JPEGmini thereby giving you the same high quality photo, just in a smaller file size.

Do you convert JPEGs to Heic?

HEICtoJPG can only convert HEIC to JPEG images at the moment.

Why is HEICTOJPG telling me my HEIC file is a JPG?

The reason why you are seeing this error message is that you are trying to convert a JPG image and not a HEIC image. If you'd like to check if your photo is indeed a JPEG simply change the file extension from .heic to .jpg. If you can see your photo, then it's a JPEG.